Just 2

As a kid, I only wanted to do two things when I became an adult. Drink beer and owning a house.

Drinking beer: I’d always thought beer would taste like something sweet. It looked so beautiful and precious as if it were brewed from the Gods. No matter how many times I’ve asked dad to let me try some, he would say no and tell me to wait until I was legal to drink. When the time came for my first taste of beer, I wasn’t even an adult. I was only 16 and my first drink was a Heineken. Oh my, was I wrong about beer. It was the opposite of what i expected.

Own a house: Didn’t think owning a house in Auckland would be so difficult. Always thought my parents would pay for everything and have it ready for me by the time I reach adulthood. But no, I have to earn enough money myself to pay for my own house. I still can’t afford one and won’t be reading any house catalogs any time soon.*sigh* being an adult was tough, if only it were as easy as I imagined it.


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